Hiking to the Mountain lake

Trademarks of Pelister National Park are the Molika pine tree, stone rivers-morenas, clear spring waters, and especially the Big and the small mountain lakes also known as Pelister Eyes. This is an enjoyable and unique opportunity for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy mountain landscapes and surroundings. The trail starts from weekend settlement Nizopole at 1170 meters and passes through mountain pasture areas covered in grass and blueberry covert and beautiful views of surrounding mountains. The hike takes around 3 hours. up to the Big Lake at 2218m. where we will have rest and enjoy by the coast of the lake.

*Length of the tour up and down is: 12km.
*Duration of the tour: 6-7 hours.
*Starting point 1170m.
*Ending point altitude: 2218m.
*Height Difference: 1050m.
*Difficulty of the tour - Moderate.

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12 km

Highest Point





6-7 hours

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