What to wear in your rucksac

Everybody has to know that the right clothing and equipment is essential for a successful mountain trip.The following list is a combination of suggestion, advice of what you will need for one day hike in summer and winter conditions.

Summer season

• Hiking boots or sturdy walking shoes are recommended.

• Waterproof/ windproof jacket.

• Spare clothing & Long sleeve shirt.

• Day pack:one liter of water,snack(e.g cerealbars)beverages

• First aid kit & any necessary medication.

• Sunhat & suncream

• Sunglasses

• Treking poles/ can help to take some of the presure of your knees

Winter season

• Boots waterproof suited for terrain and conditions

• Long underwear

• Shell jacket,watherproof pants

• Waterproof/ windproof jacket.

• Day pack:one liter of water,snack(e.g cerealbars)beverages

• Hat & Gloves &spare warm clothes

• Sunglasses & sunscream

• Gaiters for snow conditions

• Treking poles & head lamp

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