Hiking in Galichica National Park

Galichica  is a mountain situated across the border between Macedonia and Albania. National park by the same name Galicica is on the Macedonian side of the mountain, situated between the two biggest lakes in the country: Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa. It stretches over an area of 227 square kilometers (88 sq mi).

The floral life in the Galichica National Park represents over 1600 species, of which a large number of relicts and endemic have the final frontier of its range exactly on the mountain Galichica. There is characteristically presence of up to now 13 discovered local endemic on the Macedonian side to be found exclusively on the slopes of Galichica and nowhere else, this illustrates the specifically floristic composition of this mountain. Beautiful views across the lakes and neighboring mountains can be seen from the highest peak in Galicica National Park, peak Magaro 2.255m.

Choose one of the hiking tours below and discover Ohrid and Macedonian culture, nature, and tradition through activity.

Lako signoj peak/ two lakes view: Enjoy the open space and panoramas above Ohrid and Prespa Lake, and learn about the history and wildlife of the National Park Galichica. This is an easy hiking tour with a duration of 2-3hоurs. The tour starts at 1600m. Galichica mountain pass and the highest point of the tour is Lakosignoj peak 1990m.from where you have beautiful views of two lakes Prespa and Ohrid lake.

Hiking through the villages above the coast: This is an easy tour above the lake coast with beautiful; views passing through some old villages. The hike starts from the village of Velestovo at 1070m above sea level. First, we go to the peak called Elen Peak 1200m. It is a nice viewpoint of Ohrid city and Ohrid Lake from there we start descending to village Elshani 890m.and we will be walking for 10km. on the way we will pass through the old village Konjsko with stone houses and views of the Ohrid Lake The walk will take around 3 hours. Afterward, you can swim or we will transfer to the city of Ohrid.

Magaro peak2255m.: The highest peak of National Park Galicica is called Magaro the peak is 2255m.height. The start of this moderate hike is from 1600m. with a 4-5 hours hike round trip and 700 meters altitude difference. During the climb and from the peak we will be able to see the two lakes Prespa and Ohrid Lake and from the peak, we will enjoy views of the surrounding mountains in Albania and Greece.

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from 6 to 12km.

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from 2 to 6 hours

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