Hiking between two lakes

Between the two biggest lakes in Macedonia, Prespa Lake and Ohrid Lake are the two national parks Pelister and Galichica. Pelister Peak with 2601m. is the highest peak on the Baba mountain massif a mountain range that extends to Greece. Galichica National Park with the highest peak Magaro 2255m. It is situated in the outermost southwest part of Macedonia between the two lakes it’s a mountain range stretching across the border of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. An exciting way to spend the weekend with activities like hiking, swimming, tasting good food, and vine in one of the most beautiful regions in Macedonia.

First day/ Ohrid Galichica National park-- We meet in Ohrid City. The hike starts from the village of Velestovo at 1070m. and ends in Velestovo round trip it's 10 min. drive above the city of Ohrid. First, we go to the peak called Elen Peak 1200m. nice viewpoint of the Ohrid city and Ohrid Lake, from there we start descending to a village called Gorno Konjsko we continue to climb the peak above the village with beautiful views of the lake. From the peak, we go back to the village of Velestovo. On our way to the other side of the mountain to village Brajcino where we will spend the night at the guest house, we will visit the 10th-century monastery of St. Naum optional is swimming in the lake. After we have 1.30h. to the guest house at village Brajcino close to the border with Grece here we will spend the night and try homemade dinner.Еasy hike, 12km. long, duration 4hours. 520m. altitude difference.

Day two From Brajcino village we have a 30-minute.drive to village Maloviste where we start the hike the village is the only settlement within the National Park Pelister. We start at 1140m. We pass the village and continue to the monastery Sv. Ana 1420m. From there we continue through the oak forest we continue to the small church Holly Salvation at 1950m.10more min. to the peak called Vetruska 2010m.with beautiful views of Pelister mountain and from the other side Prespansko lake with views of Albanian and Grek part of the lake and mountains border with Albania and Grece it's stunning. Back to the village transport to city Bitola where we spend the night. Еasy to moderate hike, 12km. Long duration 4 to 5 hours. 800m. altitude difference.

Third day/National Park Pelister-After breakfast, We have 10min. Drive to the start point Info center of the National Park 1360m. We hike in the pine forest, a trademark of this National park, and the Baklan endemic pine tree called Molika we stop at two viewpoints at 1747 and 1800 meters. We go back from the different path where we can see some remains of the First World War bunkers and trenches road Bild by soldiers. Back to the City -Transfer to Ohrid.Easy hike 15km.long duration 4 to 5h. 400 meters, altitude difference.

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The tour can be adapted to your specifications like: difficulty of the hikes,duration of the tour in days. Contact us and request аn offer for a tailored experience.