Western Macedonia hiking trip

Climbing to the highest peak of a country is a great way to enjoy both a unique adventure and a great vantage point during your travels. On this hiking trip among the highest peaks by the border line of Macedonia and Albania, we will hike up to Mount Korab, Korab peak (2764 m) – Korab is the highest peak of Macedonia and Albania Shara Mountains, with Titov peak(2747m.) Baba mountain, with Pelister peak (2601m.) These are the best summits. Furthermore, these mountains are often cultural and historical landmarks, which adds a plus to the climb. The extra experience will be to learn about Macedonian culture while staying in historic towns and villages, the traditional warm hospitality of your hosts, and the taste of traditional food and wine.

First day -Is arrival day in Macedonia your guide will pick you up from the airport. Depending on the arrival time, and if time allows it, short sightseeing of Skopje. Later we have transport to a nice hotel in Popova Shapka ski resort where we will spend the first night.

Second day - Our hiking day will start early in the morning. We will go up to 2747 meters high to the Titov Vrv Titos Peak. It is the highest peak of the Šar Mountains, very close to the border with Kosovo. From the peak, we will descend back to the hotel short beer break and transfer to the Mavrovo National Park. The duration of the hike for today is 7 to 9 hours, 21km. with a height difference of 1,050 m.

Day Three - Is for the highest peak of Macedonia Korab 2774 meters. We start early from the hotel to the start point with a 45min.drive on an unpaved road we need to be checked at the border police station on the road and once we are taken to our starting point, at 1450m. the goal of the day will be to ascend to 2774 meters and climb Mount Korab.After descending from the peak we go back to the hotel. The duration of this hiking day is 8 to 9 hours. 19km. with a 1325m. altitude difference.

Day Four- Velivar peak 2373m.The route starts in the highest village in this region, the village of Bitushe. 1030m. The trail is mild at the beginning and continues along thick beech woodland until it reaches Lake Lokuv. From here, the route passes by a mount small dairy continuing to pastures. The route becomes steeper up to the ridge between the Republic of Macedonia and Albania, close to Peak Velivar 2373m. After the descent, we have a 2-hour transfer to Ohrid city where we will spend the night. As part of our transfer to Ohrid, we will stop for some refreshments and coffee, and visit the Monastery St. John Baptist. Then, we will go to our accommodation in Ohrid city. The duration of this hiking day is 7 to 8 hours. 16 km. with a 1343m. altitude difference.

Day Five Ohrid city.We can enjoy a fine rest day in the city of Ohrid and its surrounding. There are different activities you can do in Ohrid like Salling at sunset, a boat trip to Sv. Naum monastery, kayaking. Or enjoy some restaurants by the lake.

Day Six- Galichica National Park. In the morning checkout from the hotel and we have 40min. drive to the starting point of the hike at 1560m. Duration of the today's hike is 4 to 5 hours total length of 8.5km. with an altitude change of 700m. During the hiking and from the peak of Magaro 2255m. we have a beautiful view of the two largest lakes in Macedonia - the Ohrid Lake and Prespa Lake. From the peak, we descend to the starting point and we have 1h drive to Bitola city on the way to the city we can stop for a cafe by the Prespa lake.

Day Seven- Pelister peak.Our starting point for the last day will be the Pelister National Park trailhead. Here we will hike up to Pelister Peak 2601 meters. The duration of the hike for this day is 7 to 8 hours 22km. with an elevation gain of 1240 meters. From the top, we will enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding Macedonian mountains and all the way to Mount Olympus in Grece, Rila and Pirin In Bulgaria. At the end of the hike, we have transfer 2.30h. to Skopje city.

Day Eight- Transfer to the airport.

Group size: Suited for 1 to 12 People.
Best time is: From June to November.
Duration: 8 days total / 6 days hiking.
Difficult of the tour: This trip has an activity rating of moderate/strenuous. travelers should be physically fit, and prepared for multiple hours of activity each day. Hikes range from 6 to 9 hours (10 to 25km.) on moderate grades.
Gear: Participants must additionally be prepared with essential hiking equipment. We will distribute a mandatory gear list closer to the start date of the hiking trip.

Contact us: For more details and prices and to join the group or request a offer for a private group and tailored experience.