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Interesting way to spend your weekend days.Explore one of the three National Parks in Macedonia, Pelister, Galicica and Mavrovo visit two cities Bitola and Ohrid city cultural and natural world heritage sites by UNESCO. And get to know with historically significant sites off the first world war and culturally rich traditions of the region. Between the Prespa lake are the two national parks Pelister and Galicica.Pelister is the highest peak on Baba mountain massif this massif also one part extends into Greece and according to the name of the highest peak Pelister is the name of the national park Pelister and is declared for National park in 1948. Galicica National Park with the highest peak Magaro 2255m. Is situated in the outermost southwest part of the North Macedonia between the Prespa Lake and the Ohrid Jablanica is a mountain range stretching north-south direction across the border of Albania and the Republic of Macedonia. the highest peak I Crn vrv (Black Stone) 2257m. Mavrovo National Park is the largest of the three national parks of the Republic of North Macedonia. It was founded in 1949 and is located in the west of the country in the Bistra mountain located South of Korab mountain.The national park, the lake, and the region are named after the village of Mavrovo. Choose one of the presented itinerary and enjoy in the beauties of the Macedonian mountains.

Weekend in National Park Pelister

Friday - Arrival
Transfer to the city Bitola, accommodation in the hotel or guest house and meeting with the guide. Depending on the time of arrival option is to visit the city short city tour and refreshing with coffee and beer on the famous street Sirok Sokak.

Saturday-Pelister Big lake
After breakfast, we have a short transfer to village Nize Pole at 1170m. from where we will start hiking. With moderate hiking, it will take us about 2.5 to 3 hours to the Big Lake at 2218m. We will have short rest and continue 20min. more to reach peak Veternica 2440m. Here we can see the remains of bunkers and trenches from the First World War and we can see the military road called the French road because of this side of the mountain were allied powers (France, Serbia, Rusia, British empire) also from here we have beautiful views of the Prespa lake. After we have some picnic lunch and start descent 2.5 hours to village Nize pole, where we can take a late lunch in the local guest house and taste some homemade delicious Macedonian food. Duration of the tour 6-7h.length 13km.Altitude difference 1270m.

Sunday-Maloviste village
Maloviste is a village in the Municipality of Bitola, a mountain village at the foot of the Mountain and is the only settlement within the National Park Pelister. The village has a beautiful large house built of stone in the traditional way. Fingerprint old architecture preserved old cobbled streets. We have a 20min.drive from the hotel to the village from where we start the hike We will pass the St.Petka church a few minutes uphills we will disconnect from the village streets and start climbing to the monastery and church St.Ana church at 1400m. After a short break, we continue to the peak Vrteska at 2010m. the highest altitude for today's hiking. From the peak we have beautiful views of surrounding mountains and Pelister peak and beautiful view of the Prespa lake second largest in Macedonia, the lake is shared by three countries: Albania, Greece, and Macedonia. it's really amazing. From the peak, we descent to the village Malovista from different trail. We go back to the hotel in Bitola and that will be the end of the tour.

Jablanica hiking, Crn Kamen
Galicica Hiking
Village Gorna Belica

Weekend in Galicica National Park with Jablanica mountain

National park between Lakes Ohrid and Prespa

Friday - Arrival
Аrrival to the city Ohrid, accomodation in the hotel and meeting with guide.Depending on the time of the arrival option is to explore Ohrid and refreshments in one of the city's urban coffee bars.

Saturday-Magaro peak
Today we will hike to the highest peak of National park Galicica Magaro peak 2255 m.with a 4-5 hours hike and 650 meters altitude difference. During the climb, we will be able to see the two lakes Prespa and Ohrid lake and from the peak, we will enjoy views of the Ohrid lake and surrounding mountains in Albania. From the peak, we descent to the starting point and we drive to a traditional restaurant where we can have lunch grilled fish from the lake with local beer and vine and swim in the lake.

Sunday - Jablanica Mountain, Crn vrv peak 2257m
After checking out from the hotel we have 40min.dive to the village Gorna Belica at 1420m. our starting point for today's hiking. The highest point is peak Crn kamen 2257m.highest peak of Jablanica mountain, it's a mountain on the Macedonian/ Albanian border.The trail is 12km. long, with a height difference of 837metres and with a 5-6 hour hike.When we descent from the mountain we will have lunch in a traditional restaurant in Vevcani village after lunch, transfer to the hotel.

Jablanica mountain
Ruin Mountain lake Jablanica
Gorna Belica village
Jablanica Hiking trails

Weekend in Mavrovo National Park

Friday - Arrival
Аrrival at the Mavrovo national park, accommodation in the hotel, and meeting with the guide. Depending on the time of arrival option is an easy to hike to explore some interesting places in the area.

Saturday-Korab peak highest in Macedonia
After breakfast, we have 40 min. drive to the start point of 19km. are on an unpaved road to 1450m. Strezimir watchtower depends on the road conditions we can go by car or with 4x4 road vehicles. After we check at the border police checkpoint we can start hiking to the peak Korab 2763m.peak is on the border with Macedonia and Albania and also is the highest peak in Albania.After 4-4.30h. we will climb the peak and enjoy the view of the surrounding mountain of Macedonia and the Albania side. Descent from the peak-end of the tour and we can have a traditional lunch nearby the Monastery of St.John Baptist which we can visit after lunch. Back to the hotel. The duration of the tour 8-9h.length of the tour is 19km. With 1320m.a altitude difference.

Sunday - Medenica peak
We start in the morning from the hotel we have 45min.drive to the start point at 1560m.village Galicnik from where we will start the hiking to Medenica Peak 2163m.Medenica is the highest peak of Bistra mountain. The duration of the hike is 4 to 5 hours. with an altitude change of 603m.From the top of Medenica Peak we will hike down to the village of Galichnik old village with well-preserved traditional architecture, in the village we can have lunch. After lunch tours end with transport to the hotel or airport.

Medenica mountain
Ruin Korab
Korab view

Not sure which weekend hike is right for you?please contact us. We will help you decide based on your fitness level, your priorities and many other factors we will find the right hike for you.The above program It can be adapted with easier or moderate hikes.

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